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Changing the game of Social Media for

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Sports organizations

Unify your message by connecting the team.

Sociaballs gives you the opportunity to utilize your athletes social media and create a unified story. Our software makes it easy to share content with the players, have one-on-one contact and create social media guidelines. We have teamed up with international content agencies giving your athletes access to a large, searchable image database.

We also change traditional sponsor relationships, giving sponsors access to social media campaigns with individual athletes. And because this all happens in a private environment, it’s easy to control.


Get access to the athletes.

Brands are of great importance to every sports organization. With Sociaballs we lift this partnership to the next level. We go beyond logos on boarding and business club tickets, giving sponsors access to individual athletes through social media. We’ve created a marketplace where sponsors can upload campaigns and players can choose to get involved.

USP Item Image
USP Item Image


Make your social media count.

Every athlete is an influencer. Each with its own personality and story to tell. With sociaballs, we make telling that story as easy as possible. Our image database gives players access to quality content of their career. In our marketplace athletes can connect with brands fitting with their story.