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Our software is connecting, easy to use adjustable to your wishes

Sociaballs is a platform where sports organizations connect with their players and sponsors. Every organization gets a personalized environment. For organizations and agencies we have created a desktop app, giving them access to every feature of the platform for optimal control. Brands also have a desktop app, allowing them only to upload and control campaigns in the marketplace. Players have a mobile version of the app, where they can download content, browse campaigns and chat with their social media manager. Below you will find a more thorough description of the features.
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The marketplace

Give partners a platform

Brands can get access to individual deals with athletes. In our marketplace they can create social media campaigns. Athletes in turn browse through these campaigns and choose to get involved. The partners create bigger online impact by having the players tell their story. The players get benefits in return.

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The gallery

Make quality content accessible

We have teamed up with international image agencies and created a large database where athletes can search and download their own content. Organizations can also connect their own database to make it accessible for athletes to use.

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The calendar

Unify your story

The calendar allows you to plan social media post proposals for individual players and highlight important moments such as anniversaries, historic milestones, but also games and training schedules. Help players make the most of their social media presence by creating content for them to use.

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The chat

Easy guidelines and feedback

Our chat connects athletes to a social media manager within the organization, making social media guidance as easy as possible. You can answer questions, actively provide content and add attachments such as images, guidelines and even schedules. The chat works between athletes and their organization only. Sponsors only get access to the marketplace.